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S2BConnected is an IT consulting company that supports your business in all steps of a transformation up to the implementation. Based on our expertise, you will find the optimal strategy.

To improve your business processes, we guide you in developing a coherent product strategy as well as help you select and implement efficient operational tools. You will reduce your costs, improve product development cycles and enjoy significant competitive advantages.

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S2BConnected Services

Technological expertise. Fast decisions. Just-in-time solutions.

Digital Technology is what connects businesses and their clients across the entire world and S2BConnected is here to help you with that.

With our know-how in technology and our service cluster of Coach, Academy and Consult we are able to support your end-2-end business transformation process and to contribute to a sustainable implementation.

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Enabling and accelerating personal growth potential in individuals and teams by means of individually customized formats.

S2BC – Competence Solutions

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Training and workshops on the basis of best practices focussing on the topic of digitalization reaching from methodology to technology.

S2BC – Education Solutions

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The relevant technological expertise from over 20 years of IT experience for your successful business transformation and digitalization strategy

S2BC – IT-Solutions

Digital business transformation is not a goal but a journey

With our service portfolio we can help you to successfully master the challenges of your company’s digitalization process.

The Team

S2BConnected guides you to success

S2BConnected creates sustainable connections between people, processes and technology

As CEO of S2BC, I embody the mindset of sustainable innovation. The first step is to get an overview of the structure of your company. Afterwards, during the ideation and roadmapping process, I work together with you to develop a clear, future-oriented concept.

In the course of my career, I have been able to establish a network of outstanding experts in various fields, which I draw upon to shorten your path when choosing a suitable technology partner. This creates a well-functioning structure for successful cooperation, meaningful training and cutting-edge technologies.

Jana Bulkin
CEO of S2BConnected

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Jana Bulkin About S2BConnected


Seminars, Training, Workshops

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S2BConnected Insights

The Latest News and Technology Insights

Process Mining

Process Mining Can Enhance Value Creation Digitalization

In this blog post, we’ll discuss how process mining can enhance value creation digitalization by providing front-to-back process analysis that has the potential for optimization throughout an organization – not only limited to cost savings.  Process mining enables us...

StableCoins – A Solution to the Prevalent Volatility of Cryptocurrencies

StableCoins - A Solution to the Prevalent Volatility of Cryptocurrencies As decentralized virtual currencies on the Blockchain, cryptocurrencies wield immense potential in the field of finance. This is because cryptocurrencies do offer not only an alternative medium...
Ignite the future with Cryptocurrency Tokens

IGNITE THE FUTURE – A keener lock into Cryptocurreny Tokens and their Applications

IGNITE THE FUTURE A keener lock into Cryptocurrency Tokens and their Applications In the last decade, cryptocurrencies have generated widespread interest among investors and the general public as a potentially revolutionary innovation. Not only have perennial...
ePilotWorld2022 Interview Integration as a Service

Integration as a Service

Integration as a Service Interviewed at ePilot World 2022 for integrationWorks GmbH, Germany on the topic of Integration as a Service. Integration is the enabler for your transformation. Like ePilot as a front-end system for energy providers. ePilot provides a...
Firefighter Crisis Communication

Crisis communication – When quenching fires is a breeze

You are not left at the mercy of a crisis. But it can become dangerous if no one is adequately prepared for it and if no plans have been made in advance as to who should communicate about it and how. There are four different strategies. Three of them actually work and...
Header Blockchain Course Tamacoinchi

Tamacoinchi & Co – Students Pitch Their Blockchain Projects

It's time for a new kind of energy! A debut took place this summer semester with the course "Blockchain with Ethereum & Solidity" led by Jana Bulkin. Twenty-five students from the Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics at Munich University of Applied Sciences...
RPA Seminar Blogpost Header

RPA Seminar 2021 Was a Success – Creative Student Projects Show Great Potential

What does the RPA seminar make possible? Just imagine: What a great day! You get the new job in the city of your dreams and begin looking for an apartment. Of course, you have certain requirements - good location, spacious, not too expensive. You now enter these...

We Reveal Why a Hackathon Is Worth a Try

Haven't you heard of hackathons? The word is a combination of 'hacking' and 'marathon'. However, it's not about hacking data - it's an event that classically runs for 48 hours. Software developers from various disciplines, as well as graphic designers, project...
Agiles Produktmanagement

Agile product management – Follow the road of smart innovations

A solid product that meets their expectations and makes their lives easier is what your customers want. To ensure this, you should take an in-depth look at the different aspects of product management. The approach of agile product management follows a plan with...
business plan followed by manager_Geschäftsplan von Manager verfolgt

Blockchain in Use: A 10-Step Implementation Plan

You already know what blockchain is and what it offers? Wonderful! Let us now show you the steps that will lead you to a successful implementation. To brush up on the basics beforehand, you can read our article Blockchain: An answer to your question of innovative...


We would be delighted to see your feedback here

Expertise coupled with collaborative and innovative spirit

I recommend the business consultancy services of Jana Bulkin because Jana created and implemented many successful business strategies during the years I have worked with her. Her expertise coupled with her collaborative and innovative spirit always made her the go-to expert in many significant IT software systems projects. She takes the lead by using forward-thinking strategies.

She is detail-oriented, organised and always open to feedback, making business relationships both effortless and pleasant. I recommend Jana for any role through which she can contribute her remarkable creativity and dedication. I am confident that she would take any business efforts to new heights.

Tezcan Dilshener

JEE Senior Architect / Lead Developer / Team Coordinator, Huawei Technologies & Research (DE) GmbH, Munich

The RPA course is experiencing a growing demand

We were able to recruit Jana for the teaching position in Robotic Process Automation (RPA). She was and is very suitable due to her expertise in enterprise computing, digital transformation and IT architectures as well as process automation. She teaches the important points for the selection of RPA technologies and their use in practical solutions on the basis of use cases.

The course is experiencing a growing demand, which made us offer another course in the topic of Blockchain, designed by Jana as well. I would like to express my sincere thanks to Jana for the extremely successful collaboration and I very much hope that she will continue to provide us with her innovative teaching ideas for a long time to come.

Prof. Dr. Peter Mandl

Sprecher des Competence Centers Wirtschaftsinformatik, University of Applied Sciences, Munich

She is a go-getter, intelligent and professional

Jana is our valued BD and education partner in Morpheus Labs and it has been a pleasure working with her. It’s great to be part of her trusted professional network. She is a go-getter, intelligent, professional and hugely passionate about technology and leadership.

She took the time to spearhead initiatives connecting with potential clients and education institutions. I find her enthusiasm and dedication both inspiring and motivating.

Pei-Han Chuang

CEO, MorpheusLabs Pte, Singapore


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