S2BConnected – Our Mission Is Your Digital Transformation

S2BConnected is an IT consulting company which will support your business in its transformation process. We guide you through the necessary steps from strategizing to implementation with our expertise.

Our goal is to support you in enhancing your business processes by developing a homogenous product strategy as well as selecting and implementing efficient operations tools. You are able to reduce your expenses, enhance existing product development cycles and thereby you will gain significant competitive advantage.

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Blockchain (BC) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Training Formats

Seminar, workshop, practical exercises and teaching by the expert

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Summer Term 2021
University of Applied Sciences Munich

Our Services

Technological expertise. Fast decisions. Just-in-time solutions.

Digital Technology is what connects businesses and their clients across the entire world. With our know-how in technology and our three-cluster service – Consult, Academy and Coach – we are able to support your end-2-end business transformation process and to contribute to a sustainable implementation.


The relevant technological expertise from over 20 years of IT experience for your successful business transformation and digitalization strategy

S2BC – IT-Lösungen


Training and workshops on the basis of best practices focussing on the topic of digitalization reaching from methodology to technology.

S2BC – Bildungslösungen


Enabling and accelerating personal growth potential in individuals and teams by means of individually customized formats.

S2BC – Kompetenzlösungen

Digital business transformation is not a goal but a journey

With our service portfolio we can help you to successfully master the challenges of your company’s digitalization process.

Our Team

We are a network of experts

We build and customize individual automation solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Our team comes with technical acumen in the areas of digital transformation, robotics and blockchain. On top of that, we provide strong project management skills and a proven track record of successful, accomplished projects.


Jana Bulkin
CEO S2BConnected

Jana Bulkin CEO S2BConnected


Seminars, Training, Workshops


Blockchain (BC) with classification and categorization of IT systems / architectures that belong to this field (closed event)

Presentation of blockchain IT systems, architectures, and specifically using the example of Ethereum with Solidity. Evaluation of the potential for use in business. Participants work in small groups on their own projects and present them.

Further Information

Weekly event in both English and German on the topic of Blockchain. There will be an introduction to the topic with a focus on Ethereum and Solidity. Practical application scenarios and categories of Blockchain will be developed and discussed. For this purpose, the participants will learn about requirements and evaluation criteria for the integration of a Blockchain solution as well as the challenges that may arise.

The participants apply the acquired knowledge within small groups in the creation of their own projects, whereby they gain practical experience in implementation, team and project work as well as methodological competence. The final presentation of the results takes place within the framework of a final project including a live demo.

Summer term 2021

University of Applied Sciences Munich


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with classification of IT systems / architectures within this field (closed event)

Introduction to process optimization with a focus on software-based Robotic (RPA) systems. Consideration of concrete evaluation criteria & challenges for system selection in the industry as well as implementation of individual projects in small groups.

Further information

Weekly event on the topic of process optimization, which classifies the specific IT platforms involved. The software-based robotic systems (RPA) are discussed in depth in order to identify their typical areas of application. In addition, the participants will learn about different evaluation criteria for the selection of a system as well as the challenges of implementation.

In small groups, participants get the opportunity to apply the acquired knowledge independently and to implement it within their own projects. In doing so, they acquire expertise in methodology and implementation as well as teamwork and project planning.

Summer term 2021

University of Applied Sciences Munich

S2BC Insights

The Latest News and Technology Insights

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