Integration as a Service

Interviewed at ePilot World 2022 for integrationWorks GmbH, Germany on the topic of Integration as a Service.

Integration is the enabler for your transformation. Like ePilot as a front-end system for energy providers. ePilot provides a customer-friendly and modern system for its end users. Connect it with your in-house backend systems or other cloud-based SaaS applications such as your CRM.

At the same time, the modernization of the application landscape can be planned and implemented step by step without negative side effects for customers and partners. But also by connecting your DataLake architecture and enriching it with further environment-specific information for the analysis of potential customer requirements for the provision of new services can be realized easily and quickly e.g. with the help of integration platforms like Boomi. By directly connecting marketing, sales, and operations, services around your customers can be further optimized.

Curious now: Just have a look at the video or contact me, or integrationWorks GmbH directly.

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