Swee Heng Lee

MD, Asia Pacific of S2BConnected

I lead strategic development and sales initiatives in the dynamic realm of digital transformation. My role focuses on steering the company towards innovative solutions that address the evolving needs of businesses in the digital economy. Through a hands-on approach, I am committed to cultivating a thriving ecosystem of partners, ensuring a comprehensive suite of services for end-to-end digitalization. Join me in embracing the opportunities presented by the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Swee Heng Lee MD APAC, S2BC

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Who I am and how I can help you

Swee Heng Lee, MD, APAC, S2BC

“Empowering Digital Transformation: Where Expertise Meets Enthusiasm.”

At S2BConnected, we champion your digital transformation journey with a holistic range of services, fostering complete end-to-end digitalization. Beyond conventional solutions, we empower businesses in the digital economy by curating a robust ecosystem of partners for one-stop solutions. As the Managing Director, Asia Pacific, my passion lies in propelling strategic development and sales in the dynamic field of digital transformation. Fuelled by a profound understanding of the technology shaping our future, I invite you to share your enthusiasm. Let’s advance together in this ever-evolving digital landscape, unlocking new possibilities and driving sustainable growth.



I am committed to driving digital transformation by leveraging my extensive experience and expertise to provide innovative solutions that propel businesses into the future.
Swee Heng Lee. MD, Asia Pacific of S2BConnected

My promise to you



What I like to do

I am dedicated to revolutionizing the digital landscape through S2BConnected, fostering technological advancements, and ensuring seamless business and digital transformation to you. My goal is to create a transformative impact on the industry, driving growth, efficiency, and innovation.

How I can achieve it

By leveraging my deep industry and technology knowledge, strategic vision, and proven leadership, I will work through S2BConnected in delivering cutting-edge solutions. I will collaborate closely with our partners, build a talented ecosystem, and employ consultative approaches to tailor our offerings to your unique needs, ensuring sustainable growth and success.

Why it matters

In the dynamic landscape of digital transformation, my commitment is crucial for businesses aiming to thrive in the future. By harnessing the power of technology and strategic insights, I aim to empower organizations to navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and stay ahead in an ever-evolving market. S2BConnected will be a catalyst for positive change, driving the adoption of innovative solutions and positioning businesses for long-term success.

My Offer For You

In an initial conversation, we will find out both where your challenges lie as well as identify your opportunities. You have specific questions and want an outside opinion? Tell me about your project.

I look forward to working with you to develop a suitable strategy, accompany the implementation and realize your goals.


Delighted to see your feedback here

Pei Han Chuang CEO MorpheusLabs Pte

She is a go-getter, intelligent and professional

Jana is our valued BD and education partner in Morpheus Labs and it has been a pleasure working with her. It’s great to be part of her trusted professional network. She is a go-getter, intelligent, professional and hugely passionate about technology and leadership. She took the time to spearhead initiatives connecting with potential clients and education institutions. I find her enthusiasm and dedication both inspiring and motivating

Pei-Han Chuang
CEO MorpheusLabs Pte

Jim Reimer ex CTO IBM

It was a pleasure to work with Jana

I worked with Jana for many years, when I was CTO for IBM’s Enterprise Content Management business and Jana was a key leader at HypoVereinsbank. I found her to be consistently very effective at leading and managing her team as well as at undertaking a transformation of the bank. The efforts she led at HypoVereinsbank were a showcase, highlighted for other IBM customers to model. Jana consistently embraced and utilized new technology, leveraged to refine and improve the bank’s operations and business models. It was a pleasure to work with Jana, who throughout maintained the highest levels of professionalism and business acumen.

Jim Reimer
Executive CTO at IBM

Bernd van Ostrum Bernd van Ostrum Managing Partner ASIST

Communication was always effortless

Jana was responsible for the global competence center of application architecture spread over Italy and Germany at the time of my mission as a consultant for UniCredit. I was reporting directly to her. Jana is a charismatic personality with natural leadership skills. She has a clear view of the existing architecture and guides her team successfully towards a more modern environment, where mainframe is key. Communication was always effortless, resulting in a comfortable collaboration. Many thanks for the opportunity to work with you, Jana! Bernd van Ostrum Managing Partner ASIST
Tezcan Dilshener JEE Senior Architect Huawei Technologies und ResearchDE GmbH

Expertise coupled with collaborative and innovative spirit

I recommend the business consultancy services of Jana Bulkin because Jana created and implemented many successful business strategies during the years I have worked with her. Her expertise coupled with her collaborative and innovative spirit always made her the go-to expert in many significant IT software systems projects. She takes the lead by using forward-thinking strategies. She is detail-oriented, organised and always open to feedback, making business relationships both effortless and pleasant. I recommend Jana for any role through which she can contribute her remarkable creativity and dedication. I am confident that she would take any business efforts to new heights.

Tezcan Dilshener
JEE Senior Architect / Lead Developer / Team Coordinator at Huawei Technologies & Research (DE) GmbH

Rosalind Radcliffe IBM Testimonial

I will be able to use this knowledge in my professional future

I have worked with Jana over the years and her understanding of not only the IT landscape but working with people makes her an excellent leader and gives her the skills to get things done.

Rosalind Radcliffe
Chief Architect at IBM

Peter.Mandl e1618495380209

The RPA course is experiencing a growing demand

We were able to recruit Jana for the teaching position in Robotic Process Automation (RPA). She was and is very suitable due to her expertise in enterprise computing, digital transformation and IT architectures as well as process automation. She teaches the important points for the selection of RPA technologies and their use in practical solutions on the basis of use cases. The course is experiencing a growing demand, which made us offer another course in the topic of Blockchain, designed by Jana as well. I would like to express my sincere thanks to Jana for the extremely successful collaboration and I very much hope that she will continue to provide us with her innovative teaching ideas for a long time to come.

Prof. Dr. Peter Mandl
Speaker of the Competence Center for Business Informatics at Munich University of Applied Sciences

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